ARC Foundation’s case-specific country reports examine the human rights, legal, social, political and humanitarian situation in asylum seekers’ countries of origin.

Each country report:

  • contains case-specific synthesis of the source material
  • identifies relevant excerpts of country information for each issue
  • is fully indexed and paginates original sources with web links

ARC Foundation’s Country of Origin Information Reports can be adapted to any national jurisdiction as required.

ARC Foundation conducts research in accordance with the standards and principles set out in:

View a sample bundle here.

AK (Article 15(c)) Afghanistan CG [2012] determined that “there may be a useful role in country guidance cases for reports by COI analysts/consultants” such as ARC (headnote A (iv) and para. 178) and that ARC consultants have the “relevant skills and experience to undertake this work” (para. 178).

To order

Legal representatives should fill in the ARC FoundationResearch Request Form and send, where relevant, with the Witness Statement, Reasons for Refusal letter, Determination and any other supporting documents to  [Note that we can only accept instructions if explicit written consent has been sought by your client to instruct us and share with us relevant details regarding their case]

ARC Foundation operates to a 5 working days turnaround.


Our fee is £55 per hour. Research reports usually take 1-2 days depending on the issues for research.

Country Guidance commissions

ARC was commissioned to provide COI research for the following Country Guidance (CG) cases:

AAR & AA (Non-Arab Darfuris – return) Sudan [2019] 

BA (Returns to Baghdad Iraq CG) [2017]

CM (EM country guidance; disclosure) Zimbabwe CG [2013]

HM and others (Article 15(c)) Iraq CG [2012]

AK (Article 15(c)) Afghanistan CG [2012]

AA (unattended children) Afghanistan CG [2012]

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